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Feel Thankful For The Little Things With Bih Mom Mijanique

In our Q&A with MiJanique, we learned what she is thankful for, and what she hopes for in the New Year, including welcoming a brand new bundle of joy!


For The Best Advice, Listen To Your Momma!

We asked BIH moms like you to share some of the most inspiring, humorous, or helpful advice you’ve ever received during your unique journey of motherhood from your momma, grandmama, auntie, daddy, pop-pop, and your whole family tree!


Experiencing motherhood can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain, but you’re not alone in your journey. Whether you’re trying to conceive, traveling the many adventures of pregnancy, enjoying the first few months of caring for your little cupcake, or feeling a bit anxious approaching the “Terrible Twos,” we asked our family of BIH moms to share resources to help you at many points of your motherhood journey.