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by Alison Workman

Participant Spotlight: Leola and Baby Aya

“I’m from San Bernardino, CA. My daughter is Aya Bivens. She is 10 months. My pregnancy was great, no morning sickness. I had normal cravings, nothing outrageous. I did, however, crave some things I normally wouldn’t eat often. I was induced at 41 weeks. I received an epidural and delivered Aya vaginally. I was in labor for 16 hours. Aya was born on November 27th at 8:49 AM, 20.75 inches long and weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces.

I joined BIH to gain more knowledge about babies similar to my baby and to gain insight on becoming a mother. The program has exceeded my expectations. The instructors were phenomenal women who brought so much information to the meetings and kept it fun and entertaining. The special guests were always friendly and informative.

As far as a future goal, I want to obtain a B.S. degree in public health.”

Breastfeeding Tips

As long as you and your baby are healthy, it is important in the first two weeks to not use any pacifiers or bottles. Having the baby directly at the breast is extremely important to establish the baby’s latch and your milk supply.
To ensure your baby is getting enough milk, you can weigh the baby at the doctor’s office (usually no appointment needed) or at your local WIC, if you receive WIC benefits.
Breastfeeding can be challenging and you will need support. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Take a breastfeeding class with your partner or friend. It helps to make sure your support is educated about the needs and demands of breastfeeding.
There is no evidence to suggest the COVID virus transmits through breastmilk. For more information on breastfeeding and COVID-19, click here.

For more tips, sign up for our next BIH breastfeeding class.


Prepare for Birth With Our Virtual Prenatal Group!
Prepare for your upcoming birth experience and learn about what you need to know to help you on your amazing journey to motherhood, including breastfeeding, labor and delivery, and more!
If you have any questions, please contact Black Infant Health directly at 619-266-7466.
Date: 9/14/21
Time is Running Out – Sign Up Now for Our Breastfeeding Class!
Our upcoming virtual breastfeeding class will help provide you with the much-needed support to help you make the beautiful bonding experience special for you and your baby. Also, we will send you a free breast pump as our thank-you gift for attending! Email to sign up now.
Date & Time: 9/15/21 (1pm-3pm)