Revitalize, Refresh, and Radiate

The BIH sisterhood is here for you; we hear you. We get you. We are you. 

We know that “me time” looks different for every mother. Some love a warm, cozy bubble bath; others prefer a mindful meditation session or a tasty bite to eat. The key is finding what works best for you, Mama!

Raising little ones can be a 24/7/365 job, one that’s definitely rewarding but can get overwhelming. That’s why we reached out to our amazing community of mothers to gather their favorite ways to pamper themselves and prioritize their well-being. We’re thrilled to share their recommendations with you!

Whether it’s trying out a new beauty product like whipped shea butter or Cera Vera face wash, visiting a local hair or nail salon such as Lena locs or Phantastic nails, prioritizing mindfulness meditation with apps like Calm and Soothing Sleep Sounds, working out with a fitness group like TrapAerobics in Sacramento, or checking out a local hiking spot like Cowles Mountain, we hope you find at least one item to add to your self-care routine. Also, when you want to get up and get out the house, we have a couple of suggestions for date nights, solo time or a fun time out with your friends, such as Kindred or Louisiana Purchase. 

So make some time for yourself and check out these awesome resources. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you!

Beauty products

Charlotte Reed Nail salon: Peacock Nail salon in Lemon Grove

Are there any local hair or nail salons that you would recommend?

Cierra Cloud Mindfulness or meditation apps that you would recommend: Breathe

Are there any mindfulness or meditation apps that you would recommend?

What gyms, fitness groups, and/or hiking trails would you recommend?

What restaurants, cafes, brunch spots, or other venue would you recommend for date night or stepping out with your girls?