Housing Counseling

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Housing Counseling

The Neighborhood House Association’s Housing Counseling program offers education and counseling to renters, landlords, homeowners and potential homeowners. This comprehensive housing counseling program promotes homeownership and foreclosure prevention, safe and adequate rental housing and resolution of tenant/landlord disputes.

Counseling hud1

NHA’s Housing Counseling program offers a variety of rental placement and home ownership services, including:

  • Mortgage default, delinquency and foreclosure prevention counseling
  • Loan modification counseling
  • Mortgage scam assistance/awareness
  • Counseling on avoiding predatory lenders
  • Rental placement counseling and referrals
  • Tenant/landlord counseling and/or no-cost legal referralshud2

Payment Credit reports and copies are at cost. Other services are free. Eligibility Neighborhood House Association’s Housing Counseling program is open to all San Diego County residents.