You Asked, We Answered!

Question: We hear a lot of different things about whether your body will “bounce back” after giving birth, and how everyday life will change. What are some of the changes I should expect after I have my baby?

Answer: Hey Soon-to-Be Mama! Everyone’s postpartum journey is wildly different. Some moms somehow magically get their pre-pregnancy bodies back in record time, others embrace the changes that come from the special time of pregnancy, and consider this “new body” an honor. There are some other issues which aren’t always talked about, and as a safe space for you and fellow moms, we want you to know these “less-mentioned” changes are more common than you think to experience upon giving birth.

Remember your mom telling you that you were the reason she peed when she laughed? She wasn’t joking, the pelvic floor can become more loose, making it easier to leak urine when you laugh, as well as cough or sneeze. Kegel exercises can help!

We don’t always talk about other things that people don’t see, but here are some other common things shared among new moms:

  • You may experience tearing in your vagina, especially if you’re going the natural birth route. Do expect to feel some discomfort in your “lady parts” following birth.
  • Hemorrhoids are also a common occurrence in new moms, but putting small ice packs in your panties can provide great relief. 

Celebrities like superstar Kelly Rowland have even dealt with these changes, and aren’t afraid to let loose about discussing them – click on the video below to see what she has to say! Most importantly, even with this advice, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for further assistance if any issues become severe, or interfere with your daily life!