From Vision to Impact: Meet Symone Williams

We’re excited to introduce the program manager of our soon to open new Oceanside- North County BIH program site. Meet Symone Williams, whose journey and passion are woven into the fabric of BIH. Read ahead to see how Symone is dedicated to making a difference!

I was born in Berkeley, California and was raised throughout the Bay area!

As a Black mom and public health worker dedicated to maternal health, birth justice, and lactation equity, the Black Infant Health program is important to me as it honors our journeys as Black women and mothers. Black pregnant people bear the weight of maternal and infant health disparities in this country due to things like racism, the resulting chronic stress, access to health care, and limited social support. The Black Infant Health program is doing important work in creating avenues for Black women to be supported throughout pregnancy and postpartum, and ultimately to reduce health disparities—these are some of the reasons I was drawn to Black Infant Health and am thrilled to see the Oceanside location open this year.

I am most looking forward to Black Infant Health being in North County! It excites me that Black moms in North County will now have support in their community and I am also excited to see the program blossom!

On a personal note, I am often at the ceramic studio on the weekends, and I also love to thrift, try new coffee shops, weave potholders for my friends. Also, last year, I picked up indoor bouldering!

Fun fact: I once drove across the country in 4 days, and on that trip got caught in a blizzard in the Colorado Rockies.