Your Tools to Nourish So You Can Flourish!

Dive into our collection of tips and tricks to boss up in every aspect of your overall health and wellness journey – and watch your mom game level up and soar! We have meal planning ideas, pregnancy-friendly exercises allowing you to feel like a goddess, and budget hacks that will make your bank account do a happy dance! We’ve got your back, and we’re here to help you conquer those self-care goals, one click at a time!

Self Care Map  

Self-care is the most essential thing you can do to provide the best care for others, and it’s more than just spa days and relaxation time. This self-care diagram asks questions for how you practice self-care for your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and what support you need for each type of self-care. 

Weekly Meal Planner

Meal planning and grocery shopping don’t need to be a hassle. With this quick template, it’s easy to prepare several days’ worth of meals and buy the goodies you need to make delicious and healthy dishes for you and your family! 

The Top Five Money Mistakes

Budgeting is no easy task, and there are many financial mistakes that people make that can be costly to your future. They say “health is wealth,” so it’s important to keep your bank account as healthy as your body! Take a look at this detailed guide highlighting the top five money mistakes people make, and how to avoid them. 


Exercise During Pregnancy Guide

Yes Queen, you can still keep up your workouts during pregnancy, even if you need some modifications! If you’re looking for some gentle moves that allow you to build strength without pain, check out this guide for some suggested pregnancy-friendly moves, with diagrams and directions included! 

Black Women for Wellness

Holistic health and wellness is designed to feed the mind, body, and soul. With skincare ideas, mirror exercises and mantras, prompts for journaling, book suggestions, and recipes for healthy food and beverages, this guide from Black Women for Wellness is sure to transform your body, mind, and spirit! 

Know Your Rights

Disparities in health care are still an unfortunate reality among Black women. The Live Well PEI Initiative document helps outline the best ways to ensure the best outcomes for you during pregnancy and birth, and serves as a guide for providers and hospitals to best serve Black women during their pregnancy and birthing journey.