For the Best Advice, Listen to Your Momma!

“Don’t let a woman on her period hold your baby because it will make the baby strain when going to the bathroom.” – Jazzmyn Haddock

Words like these may raise a few eyebrows, but old-school advice like this has been passed down many generations from our elders. We asked BIH moms like you to share some of the most inspiring, humorous, or helpful advice you’ve ever received during your unique journey of motherhood from your momma, grandmama, auntie, daddy, pop-pop, and your whole family tree!

We also welcome you to contribute to this list. Share the most crazy yet memorable piece of advice, or empowering words that help you transform moments of even the toughest challenges of parenting. Fill out our submission form with your favorite nuggets of advice! We want to hear it all!

Words of Wisdom:

Trust your gut. Always research things you’re unsure about. It’s ok to ask for help. Set boundaries and stand on them. Sharing this because it is ok to trust yourself and stand on what you believe. – Angel 

This advice is from my grandmother and aunties. “Your kids are not your friend”. The take away from this was that you as a parent have a call to foster growth, establish boundaries, and nurture with gentleness, compassion and understanding the guidance your child needs to be all they can in this world. Parent doesn’t mean “overseer” or “dictator” nor does it mean “push over or lower your household standards”. There’s a balance and I think the older generation sometimes think we lose ourselves in trying to establish and maintain that balance. So take this “old school advice” as one needs and remember you are absolutely capable, you’re valid and have everything you need to be the most amazing parent you can be!  – Alisha Liburd

When babies are teething hang a raw egg in a sock by their bedroom door. Eggs absorb up to seven times their weight in carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide puts pressure on the gums. So if you lessen the carbon dioxide in the room, you lessen the pressure, and therefore the pain when teething. – Lunide 

My mom always told me you are a Kings Kid, meaning you are set apart for greatness. This encouragement helped me realize that I can achieve more than the norm and I am not meant to just fit in. I stand apart for a greater reason- Niwa Reid

When umbilical cord falls off you have to wrap belly button to form it- Kahmilah

There is no book on parenting and each child will need a different version of you . Make sure you listen to your child and make sure you pay attention so you can love them the best you can. Take care of yourself and don’t hide your emotions from your child. Show them it’s okay to feel things but also give them a healthy alternative to feeling those negative emotions. Always tell them you love them no matter what . – Mikhaila Turner

Don’t let a woman on her period hold your baby because it will make the baby strain when going to the bathroom. – Jazzmyn Haddock

I had a C-section and my baby was a preemie, so I was advised to take warm/hot showers after the surgery to release more blood and to recover faster. Also, once my baby started eating baby food, it was a good idea to add cereal and baby food with formula in a bottle to make my baby more full. As a result, your baby will be full, relaxed, and take a nap shortly afterwards. – Vanessa Camarillo 

When I was little my mother always advised me to brush my teeth first thing in the morning before saying good morning to everyone or eating my breakfast. I think it was good because after a long night of rest there are some germs that accumulated in your mouth and today I keep the same advice.- Elisena sanon 

Try to get as much rest as you can before your baby is born- Kiara

Your mental health is so important. If you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of someone else?- Georgina Banfield

Rub their chest with alcohol, while using a cool alcohol compress for their forehead to break fevers – Grandmothers

Always start the child’s day with something warm in their belly (Tea or porridge) – Every Jamaican Elder

Give thanks at every corner, by praying and praising. This will show your child that God is not an option but a necessity they will need throughout their life. – Jamaican Elders/Grandparents   

-Kimberley Dunkley