What Does Motherhood Mean To You?

Happy Mother’s Day! What does motherhood mean to you? We have asked some of our staff and a BIH mom to share their heartwarming, powerful thoughts on what it means to be a mom.

Tiffanie Gammon (BIH Mental Health Professional):

“My kids are my life. I focus my life around my family because they are my lifeline. Being a mother is a privilege that I highly redeem! It consists of endless hours of love, dedication, smiles through the pain, and priceless moments! My family is my lifeline which provides my strength and endurance to continue daily!”

Tracee Roy (FHA/Group Facilitator):

“Being a mom is like having superpowers. Your children awaken a strength that you did not realize was in you.”

Antrina Brantley Landry (BIH Participant):

“Being a mother is a precious gift that I don’t take lightly. As a mom, I’m blessed daily to impact the life of my tiny human by supporting, encouraging, and guiding him to his purpose. I’m far from perfect, but each day I try to be my best self for him.”

Also, as a way to celebrate all you do as a mom, we have an outdoor baby shower on May 14. Time is running out to RSVP, and this fun day is right around the corner! Scroll down for more details.