Real Moms, Real Talk, Real Experiences


Real Moms, Real Talk, Real Experiences


Joy and empowerment for mom, nurturing and growth for baby. Breastfeeding ultimately helps to create positive outcomes for both. We have some great input on real-life breastfeeding experiences from BIH moms Jaquay Smalls and Iyana Nicole Wood!


Jaquay Smalls

Breastfeeding has been a unique experience. I was not able to fulfill my goal of nursing over a year, but the 4 months I was able to produce milk I got so much joy and empowerment from feeding my daughter. My body gave her all the nutrients she needed and she thrived in growth and bonding.



Iyana Nicole Wood

After overcoming the challenges of breastfeeding and getting the help I need, I have realized that it’s one of the main factors of why I have such a deep bond and intimacy with my child. It has shown me that she not only relies on me for survival but that she trusts me as her mother. And having my babies trust is the best feeling in the world.