Teach Your Little One New Languages Like BIH Mommy Dr. Lunide L. Adeeko! 

I am elated to have connected to BIH and work with Barbara. I am a first-time mom and my husband and I are the only ones living in CA. Other family members are in Texas and the East Coast. It has been instrumental having the BIH community to help in learning about breastfeeding, baby screenings, and how to put a simple birth plan together.  Super helpful in helping us shape the bright future for our bundle of joy. Thank you BIH. Thank you Barbara!  

I am Haitian and my husband is Nigerian — these are a few books we will read to our baby to teach him/her Creole and Yoruba:   

  • Mmmmm! Soup Joumou! 
  • 100 Yoruba Words for Kids: in Pictures 
  • Haitian Flag Day Fleurina’s Way 
  • Lila Plays Soccer / Lila Ap Jwe Boul
  • Lili, Tati, And The Zoo: A Haitian Creole Bilingual Book