Mommy & Me Spotlight | Magnificent Mom Spotlight: Keyanna

This month’s “BIH real talk” focuses on Keyanna and Jeremy, parents of 8-month-old Amaya! Keyanna shares how BIH has provided numerous benefits.

“BIH helped provide me with a sense of family by connecting me with other Black women on their journey through motherhood, along with resources that we have used to help our little one grow and develop. My experience with pediatric care for my child has been up and down. Baby Amaya had lactose intolerance, and had to switch from breast milk to Similac Alimentum. Although it was an emotional journey for me to make the switch from breastfeeding, she reacted well to the switch and is thriving. I am grateful that my Midwife gave me the information for the program, and that I have been able to participate!”