Mommy & Me Spotlight | Real Talk and Real Love: DeJon Harris

My name is DeJon Harris and this is my family, my husband Myke and Boy-Girl twins Kairo and Nailah. The road has been a long one with fertility issues and 2 miscarriages. It started to seem like it wasn’t meant for my husband and me to have children. By God’s grace we kept trying and were blessed with natural twins born August 1st, 2020 at 39 weeks and 2 days!

My pregnancy was wonderful. I had minimal issues until delivery when I had to have a C- section due to complications and developed postpartum preeclampsia. Dealing with this and working to breastfeed twins was a challenge, especially since my milk supply was not increasing enough to feed them both.

Through all of this Black Infant Health was a huge support. Their public health nurse referred me to San Diego Breastfeeding Center for help with feeding. BIH provided me with diapers and gave resources to help obtain other babyhood essentials. On top of that, I have met some caring people and new friends through BIH and their referrals. I know I can turn to them when I’m met with the difficulties of being a twin mom, especially now that I’m returning to work.

 All and all, it has been a roller coaster of a journey, but I am so grateful to have my twin loves. Thanks BIH❤