Mommy & Me Spotlight | Growing & Flourishing: Meet This Month's Featured Mom Julia Innis!

“Self-care to me is indulging in anything that brings happiness to my life. My selfless side is me caring for my plants when I’m down. It allows me to take the focus off myself and put it into something else. Watching it grow and flourish brings life to my nurture instincts. I thoroughly enjoy being a plant momma.


Self-care is also about putting myself in a space where I’m healthy and feel good physically. Working out, eating healthy, setting goals, watching my progress! Putting in some effort, trying to attain my goals and sticking to them. I’m not where I want to be but I’m getting there and I’m excited for my journey!


My time with Black Infant Health allowed me to be in an educational, non-judgmental space to talk about how I felt and what was on my mind about pregnancy and being a mom. I had the chance to speak to other ladies who experienced what I did. I learned from them, built relationships, and gained resources to help me along my journey to better myself as a parent and as a woman!”

-Julia Innis