Special Father’s Day Feature: Shining the Light on Moray Black!

This Father’s Day, we sat down with a very special BIH Dad to get his perspective on all things fatherhood. Moray Black, beloved husband of Naechia Black, Daddy of Musiq and Daddy-to-Be of (Lyriq) generously shared his insights, wisdom, humor, and great styling tips: 


What are the lessons and values you most want to impart to your child(ren)?We (my wife Naechia and I) want her (Musiq) to love herself. We take her in the mirror every morning and we say, “Musiq, do you love yourself? Daddy loves himself. Mommy loves herself.” And Musiq replies, “I love myself.” We also encourage her to try every sport because we want her to use that as an outlet to navigate difficulties. Through life, there’s going to be hard times, but you can go out and shoot a jump shot, or kick a soccer ball, or go draw, or swim to help navigate those hardships.

What does Father’s Day mean to you?
The father is going to get a tie as a present. No matter what that father’s job is (*laughter*) ..he’s going to get a tie!

What is your LOVE language as a Dad? How do you show Musiq you love her?
Communicate. Explaining things to her. I feel like I’m open arms with her asking questions and me giving her a response, even if I don’t know. I tell her, “I don’t know, Baby, but let’s find out together.” I never say, “Because I said so,” or “Because, I’m the adult.” I’m always explaining. Always communicating. Always giving her hugs. Always randomly telling her I love her and doing tons of activities with her…painting, drawing, taking her to the park, cooking, cleaning, even washing clothes…anything I can add her to it. Just quality time.

What are the biggest misconceptions about Black fathers?  
That they’re not in their kids’ lives. That’s the main thing. That right there gets to me because, for me, I was the one that cut the cord, I was here doing massage techniques with your Mom when you were in the womb. And, now you’re out of the womb, I’m here every step of the way.

You are a fan of “Hair Love,” a children’s book and short film about a Black father caring for his daughter’s natural hair. How is your cornrow game? Do you have any styling tips for other BIH Dads?
Mom got that. I got to give it to her. But, when it comes to the barrettes? My color coordination? Nobody can hang with my color coordination. When it comes to detangling and Musiq wants to jump around and doesn’t want anybody to touch her hair? I got it! I’m a beast with the barrettes and clothes color coordination. I’m a guru when it comes to her outfits. Fashion is easy for me. When I was a kid, I would always be late for school. So my mom would make me pick out my clothes on Sunday night for the whole week. Not just pick them out, but I had to iron them and hang them up. That’s been with me forever. I do that until this day. So, with Musiq, I do the same thing. Her fashion game is unmatched (*laughter*).

*With great appreciation to the entire Black family for all the ways they support our BIH Village.*