Make Your Valentine's Day Special with These Ideas for Singles, Couples, and Friends

The pandemic has caused all of us to be creative in many different ways, including in our love life. With so many restrictions, rules, and regulations, who wants to put a restriction on their love? Here are some ideas on what you can do for yourself, your partner, or even hanging with friends to make this Valentine’s day just as special.

Ideas for Singles
Being single on Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or do some solo self-care activities. Here are some no-date-required ideas:

  • Host a singles-only dinner party
  • Get a beauty treatment
  • Cook a romantic dinner for family
  • Sign up for a boutique workout
  • Stay in and pamper yourself

Ideas for Couples
With the pandemic going, it’s time to get creative for your Valentine’s day plans. Below are a few date night ideas to inspire you:

  • Plan a bonfire evening
  • Learn truffle making
  • Try a trapeze class
  • Stay in for a themed dinner and movie night
  • Go on a bike ride

Ideas for Friends
Sharing the love on Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be limited to a significant other. You can also celebrate with your favorite people with these ideas with friends:

  • Make DIY Valentine’s day crafts
  • Host a hot cocoa evening
  • Volunteer in your community
  • Plan a potluck picnic
  • Host a Valentine’s brunch