Black Infant Health Highlights the San Diego Association of Black Social Workers

The San Diego Association of Black Social Workers (SDABSW), part of the National Association of Black Social Workers, is a group founded to advocate for social change, justice and human development of African people in the United States and throughout the world.  SDABSW has been a long-time supporter and collaborator with the San Diego County Black Infant Health Program (BIH).

SDABSW and BIH have jointly hosted an annual community family day in the Park through the “Old School Fun in the Sun” event each June for nine years, prior to the COVID pandemic.  SDABSW has also provided support to community members, including some BIH participants, through their annual Christmas celebration food and gift giveaways.  The association members have been a source of information, education, advocacy, and empowerment for the Black Infant Health Program. To contact them, they can be reached at (619) 630-8015.

BIH looks forward to continuing our relationship with SDABSW and salutes this group of dedicated and caring social workers who serve in the interest of the Black community.