Mommy & Me Spotlight - Gabrielle Pickens & Baby Lily

Baby Lily is the highlight of our life. Her father and I dote on her all day and love to see her big beautiful smile. Being an entrepreneur in a military family makes home life very interesting, but we manage and remember to laugh through it all! We hope to give Lily all the tools she needs to be both a loving and hardworking member of society through our displays of love and affection.

The BIH program has changed my life. The women I’ve had a chance to connect with make me feel as though I’m a part of an elite society of women aka motherhood. Being a Black woman in a predominantly white society has its challenges, and BIH is there to fill in the gaps. From baby bucks to education, the weekly meetings are warm, inviting, and genuine. The moderators are thoughtful, smart and very nice! They always make us feel comfortable and safe enough to share—which we could use more of these days