Connecting to Create Precious Heart-to-Heart Moments

We’re still smiling, laughing, and filled with fun times from the Black Infant Health Mothers Rock Baby Shower & Book Fair held on February 10th! Our BIH sisters and their families, along with our staff came together for a truly unforgettable time. Everyone enjoyed great gifts, tasty refreshments, as well as giveaways that had us shouting and cheering! It was a day of connecting and sharing, and if we could relive every second, we would! See photos from our amazing day in the album below.

The Mothers Rock Baby Shower celebrates our BIH moms who rock in everything they do. Our mommas are embracing the journey of motherhood and doing what they can to raise healthy babies who are loved and cared for. 

An important aspect of this feat is creating cherished moments through bonding! Just like those treasured tiny fingerprints and footprints, every bonding experience is unique. At our Mothers Rock Baby Shower, several BIH moms let us know how they navigate this beautiful, unique journey of connection.

Here are a few of the special ways that BIH moms bond with their precious little bundles. 

“I bond with my baby through music and sound. I sing to her and watch her reactions. If she’s crying, she immediately stops. If she’s quiet, she may start cooing and mimicking my mouth movements. If she’s tired, my singing to her helps her to fall asleep.”

“Nursing, cuddling, playing, teaching, and learning.”

“Hold my baby, talk to him with eye contact, sing to him, show affection with lots of kisses and hugs.”

“I breastfeed and do a lot of skin-to-skin.”

“I bonded with my son by singing to him, tickling him (he loves to laugh), and I gave him a soothing bath followed by infant massages on days when he was fussy.”

We encourage you to try different bonding activities to connect with your little heartbeat and radiate love in every bright moment!