NHA Hosts Second Annual Thanksgiving Dinner For Our Children

NHA hosted the Second Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for Our Children last month, an event that provided an opportunity to underserved children and families from various neighboring community organizations to enjoy a free, full-course holiday meal. This year, NHA was able to provide a sit-down meal prepared fresh by our Central Kitchen to over 30 San Diego families that were hand-picked by participating organizations.

A Thanksgiving Dinner For Our Children offered families who were less fortunate the opportunity to be part of a fun holiday experience they might not otherwise enjoy. In addition to a meal, families were exposed to educational activities as well as informational resources that could be used to enrich their quality of life.

Guests were entertained by the Rhythm and Blues Band featuring San Diego Chargers Representatives as well as the San Diego Performing Arts Jazz Quartet. The San Diego Mobile Arcade participated with a variety of games for teens to enjoy while additional craft and educational activities were available for children courtesy of community volunteers.

Over 30 students from UCSD’s Volunteer Connection helped put on the event with additional voluntary assistance from FedEx employees as well as various community participants.