NHA Celebrates Volunteer Month

April is Volunteer Month. Celebrate those who drive inspiration. Thank a volunteer today!

Neighborhood House Association thanks all volunteers for their acts of service and contributions to the San Diego community. This volunteer month, we are reminded that the work of volunteers help us meet the most essential needs of our underserved communities.

April’s Volunteer Month initiative will celebrate volunteerism and invites volunteers of all backgrounds to share their stories on Facebook, part of NHA’s new social network. Throughout the month NHA looks forward to receiving stories that inspire and motivate. Additionally, NHA will showcase a different social service program in need of volunteers on a weekly basis.

Based on recent information from the U.S. Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS) over half a million people volunteer in San Diego County, and so contributing $1.5 billion worth of services. For more information about NHA’s Volunteer Month involvement opportunities contact volunteers@neighborhoodhouse.org.