National Recovery Month: Lisa at Friendship Clubhouse

IMG_1093Tina doesn’t like to talk about the past. She would rather focus on the present and appreciate all of the wonderful reasons she has to enjoy her life now. She attends Friendship Clubhouse a few times a week to socialize and gain skills that help her live a fulfilling life while treating her mental illness.

“This program has helped me with independence, it helps me with patience, with problem solving, it’s helped me mature, and it’s helped me connect with other people and have a meaningful life,” she said.

Friendship Clubhouse is a rehabilitation program for adults who suffer with mental illness, including those who may have a co-occurring substance abuse disorders. The Clubhouse serves as a safe and supportive environment that focuses on wellness and recovery, socialization, and independent living skills enhancement. Participation is free.

Lisa enjoys participating in the groups at Friendship Clubhouse, especially surrounding the topics of assertiveness and money management, two areas she has personally improved. The Clubhouse has helped her find a safe and stable place to live, and a great doctor.

But more than anything, Lisa enjoys being around people. Socialization is a vital part of her recovery, one of the most meaningful aspects of her day-to-day life.

“I can’t isolate. I don’t want to isolate, because when I’m alone, I think about bad things too much. I get kind of anxious,” she said.

Coming to the Friendship Clubhouse has made all the difference in the way Lisa copes with her symptoms, and being more social has allowed her to make more friends. Treating her mental illness does not discourage her; it empowers her to live the life she wants to live.

“Don’t be ashamed to seek treatment for mental illness. It might be hard at first to admit it, but seek treatment,” she said.

For more information on Friendship Clubhouse, visit the Friendship Clubhouse program page on the NHA website.