Meet Nikeytha Ramsey and her Junobie Products for Newborns

Image via Christopher Willard/ABC

Caring, feeding, and cleaning up after your baby is a full-time job and the last thing you want is to have to navigate leaky bags that cause environmental waste. Luckily, entrepreneurial black woman Nikeytha (Nickey) Ramsey provided a solution! Her Junobie eco-friendly products for new mothers and was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.  

 If you’re tired of dealing with heavy glass jars or leaky plastic bags for breastfeeding, then you will understand why Nickey was inspired to start Junobie as a working mother of two. The company launched with the first reusable breast milk bag and has since added plenty of other products to their store. Ultimately, the business’ goal is to support and encourage other mothers during their journey of motherhood.  

 Besides their reusable breastmilk bags, Junobie also has a Battery Operated Breast Milk Cooling Cup so you can store breastmilk at the right temperature. Other available products include: 

  • Milk trays 
  • Nipple shields 
  • Bottle cleaning brush  
  • Breast pump “Sani Pad”     

 Read more about Nickey’s story here that led her to land a deal by Shark Tank’s guest judge Emma Grede. You can also browse the collection of Junobie products online