Marquiesha’s Favorite Things About Motherhood & BIH 

Marquiesha’s Favorite Things About Motherhood & BIH 


Meet BIH participant Marqueisha Bradley and her beautiful family! She and her partner, James Lacey, have two lovely little ones – a son, James Jr., and a baby girl, Jayla Jae, who “loves her big brother.” We also asked Marqueisha questions about her experiences of being a mom and part of the BIH program.  


What brings you joy in your experience of being a mom?  

“Whenever Jayla wakes up, she looks at me and smiles. First, she looks around, and when she sees me, she smiles.” 


What do you appreciate about the BIH program?  

“Receiving resources and getting to connect with other mothers and their babies.” 


What do you enjoy about the BIH program? 

“I enjoyed the weekly sessions and getting to open up more about myself. I have always been an introvert, but I felt like [with group] I stopped being afraid of reaching out and was able to extend myself and reach out to support the other ladies as well.”