Holiday Tickles, Giggles, and Gratitude with Dynesha

BIH mom Dynesha Santiago believes that the best holiday gifts include health, quality time with family, and laughing with her adorable son Tino! Upon chatting with Dynesha, she shared what the holiday season means to her and how BIH has benefited her family.

When did you join Black Infant Health (BIH)?
November 2022

 How many children do you have and what are their ages?
I have one 7-month-old son.

 Please share the name(s) of your child or children.

 What is your favorite activity to do with your child(ren)?
Tickle him to see him laugh

 What is a resource that you have found helpful as a mother?
Postpartum counseling.

 In what way(s) has BIH been helpful? What aspects of the program do you enjoy?
I thoroughly enjoy “Ask-a-Pediatrician”, as it allows me to ask questions from someone who understands my point of view and is helpful in my naturalistic journey for my son.

 Is there something you look forward to or enjoy doing during the holiday season? Or is there a tradition you have in your family?
As a military family, it can make it quite hard to have a tradition, so togetherness is key for me. I love the cheer of Christmas and there is nothing more important to me than seeing my family surrounded by love and happy holiday spirits.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2024 for yourself and family?
Watching my family progress personally and professionally.