Getting Personal with BIH Mom Jazmine

We recently chatted with BIH mommy member Jazmine, whose little boy Micah is turning one very soon. Jazmine shared her thoughts with us on how she finds BIH’s programs helpful and what she loves about motherhood, along with plans and goals for 2024.

When did you join Black Infant Health? 
Sometime around April or May 2023, while pregnant with my little guy.

Why did you join Black Infant Health? And what do you like about the program/what was helpful?
I joined to be a part of a program specifically for black women. As a first time mom, I wanted to get all the resources to prepare myself for motherhood. Also, I loved the idea of multiple opportunities to meet other pregnant black women and potentially make friends. 

I like the meetings we had and numerous topics that were covered. We got to engage in conversation and get different ideas/perspectives from each other. I especially love the baby dollars, I got to buy things that were much- needed after the shower. Even postpartum, I am still using the public health nurse resource and like that she checks Micah’s growth and development stages. 

How many children do you have and what are their names & ages?
One 5 ½-month-old son named Micah.

What do you enjoy about being a mom?
I love the connection I have with my baby and the bond we have. Watching him grow has been bittersweet but I love that he is reaching all the milestones. We’re both learning every day and it’s a joy! 

Are there any resources you have found to be particularly helpful as a mom?
The public health nurse referral program has been great. She stops by every 1-2 months to check Micah’s growth and development milestones, and we discuss a lot of other topics. It’s good to have checkups between pediatric appointments. 

Have you set any intentions/goals for the new year? If so, please share. 

  • For me, I am trying to get my anxiety controlled with overall life and maternal separation. So I personally attend therapy to help and talk things out. 
  • For Micah, I want to start introducing him to more foods and I would like for him to walk by the time he turns one. So we do a lot of floor time and exercises to help his development. 
  • Improve my co-parent relationship. 
  • Get back to working out and increasing my physical fitness. 

What are you looking forward to most in this new year? 
Micah turns 1! I’m really looking forward to enjoying these times with him and making memories. We have a couple trips planned to visit friends, so I’m excited about that, too.