Filling Your Heart in the Time of an Empty Cradle

Staring at that bump in your belly, feeling heartbroken that the little one you were carrying inside you had no heartbeat. Looking over at that empty crib, wishing your little pumpkin was in there, cooing and giggling. You yearn to hear that cry, and then reality hits, causing you to shed tears.

No one ever wishes to experience miscarriage or the loss of an innocent infant. The heaviness you may feel for any length of time afterwards is to be expected, and unfortunately, there are still many women who feel they need to stay quiet about their grief.

Our BIH family wants you to know that we are here for you, and we have an array of resources to help you heal from the heartbreak, and help you find hope and positivity in each passing day, no matter how long ago your tragedy took place. Here are some of our suggestions for the ultimate support from the sisterhood that has your back every step of the way.

Sisters in Loss

Sisters in Loss Instagram Feed: Their slogan is “Black Women Replacing Silence with Storytelling,” and the organization provides a safe space for women to share stories, photos, and videos of their experience with miscarriage and infant loss. 

Video featuring Erica McAfee, Founder of Sisters in Loss: McAfee, along with several other Black women, share their experiences with pregnancy loss and break the stigma that comes with talking about this topic. 

Empty Cradle

Empty Cradle: This nonprofit organization is often shared by our FHAs with their participants who have experienced pregnancy loss and infant loss, and provides informative support and education to shine a light even in the darkest of days. 

Postpartum Health Alliance

Postpartum Health Alliance: Resources for Loss: As we know all losses are not the same, this extensive list from Postpartum Health Alliance shares specialized resources for particular losses. Also, if you’re not able to find the support you’re looking for, they provide contact information so you can speak with one of their Warmline volunteers.