Child Watch - Revitalized and Ready For You!

Now that we are transitioning back to in-person services, we are happy to announce that our child watch program is back! Child watch is a service BIH is happy to offer to our mommas and mommas to be for prenatal and postpartum group sessions as well as a few other BIH activities when possible. 

Here at BIH we care about your little one’s safety and well-being. Child watch consists of designated staff that will supervise all children present for the entire duration of group sessions. Child watch is available for children 18 months – 12 years old. If you are attending postpartum group, newborns and infants under 18 months can remain by your side. Space is limited, so if you have other options for childcare available we ask that you utilize those supports to help ensure that all of our BIH mommas are able to access care.

It is important to note that the primary role of child watch staff is to supervise the children who are present by engaging in age-appropriate activities and ensuring that all children remain safe throughout the duration of the group. There may be certain situations that arise where parent intervention will be requested. Examples where intervention may be necessary include a child needing assistance to use the bathroom or a child displaying behaviors that are harmful to other children and/or staff. We aim to provide an engaging, safe space for all children while mom attends group so we will make every effort to ensure that your babies and kiddos are well cared for and that safety is the #1 priority!

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding child watch feel free to contact Program Director, Iris Payne at