Take The Guesswork Out Of Car Seat Safety

Photo credit: Pacific Safety Center website

How long should your baby ride rear-facing? 
When is a booster seat required beyond the early car seat years? 

These are just a couple of the questions that typically arise when discussing car seat safety. 

Whether you’re making a routine trip to the grocery store across town or heading on a road trip across the country, you want to make sure you’re abiding by the proper guidelines for car seat safety. The Pacific Safety Center can help you with any guidance you need about the dos and don’ts of car seats, and the organization even has experts offering professional installation of car seats that comply with California laws.

The Pacific Safety Center also regularly offers a virtual Child Passenger Safety Training. You can register here: https://psc411.com/carseat/keep-em-safe/ 

As well, if you’d like to have a car seat professionally installed in your vehicle, visit https://psc411.com/carseat/private-car-seat-installs/ for more information.

If you have further questions or need more information, check out the brochure below or contact them using the information below. 

Phone: 619-455-8194
Email: cps@psc411.com