Steve Cooper | Pride Month

Nearly 10 years ago when I began at Neighborhood House I was hired on as a Behavioral Health Case Manager and I knew very few people in the organization.  The clinic I worked at made a huge impact in the community, but it had a very small staff. I can’t help but remember how the now Special Liaison of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Shante Lampkin would make the extra effort to come and say hi to me at the clinic and ask me how my job was going.  She went the extra mile.

Out of about 800 employees, as a new hire I found it amazing Shante would make that extra effort to check on me and make sure I am transitioning into my new role. As I grew in the company, I came to find Shante represented the culture of NHA at its core which is to provide a supportive and safe space for its employees- no matter who they are. 

As I grew at NHA, I was asked to join the NHA Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council. This was a sincere honor for me.  Having roots in the LBGTQI community, I am proud to be able to use my experience to help plan events and give input on policies that shape the work we do every day. I feel through my input on the Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Council I am able help inform the work that engages community members into our health services programs which provide valuable education to reduce adverse health outcomes in the LBGTQI community.

 Just as NHA gave me the gift of being seen, heard and checked on- I feel a sense of pride and hope knowing that my work with the Diversity Equity and Inclusion council will give that same gift to others.