So Many Things to Love About Working at BIH

With the 2022 Women’s History Month theme being “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope,” we wanted to highlight the amazing Black Infant Health (BIH) staff in San Diego County. Every day BIH staff promotes hope to expecting and new moms during their pregnancy journey and offers a safe space to heal in a loving community. Here are many reasons why they love working at BIH!  

 Iris Payne 
Program Director 
 “It is a blessing and joy to be a part of BIH, a program that has meaning and purpose; plus it is fun!” 

 Malika Williams 
Family Health Advocate/Group Facilitator 
 “What I like most is helping the women throughout and during their pregnancy and being part of the bigger picture”  

Tiffanie Gammon 
Mental Health Professional 
“Working with the ladies in The Black Infant Health Program; allows me opportunities to partake in the advocacy of self-awareness, healing, and mindfulness!” 

 Alison Workman 
Family Health Advocate/Group Facilitator 
“To literally make space for Black women to breathe, to be together, to be each other’s most powerful medicine – that is the work. And it is a sacred privilege to be trusted to clear that space in our name.”  

 Janaia Bruce 
Community Outreach Liaison 
“I like working at BIH because I see the impact that it makes on the lives of pregnant and mothering African American women, children, and families.” 

 Tracee Roy 
Family Health Advocate/Group Facilitator 
“ I love working with BIH because I see the impact the women have bonding and building a sisterhood with each other. I also love seeing the babies!!!!! 

Barbara Greer 
Family Health Advocate/Group Facilitator 
“I am a true reflection of my participants and I enjoy sharing my knowledge to help them realize their strengths in order to do remarkable things despite life challenges.”