Save Money By Using BIH Baby Dollars! 

BIH Baby Dollars are an easy way to “purchase” items for you and/or your baby. Plus, earning Baby Dollars is fun! 

 But what exactly are BIH Baby Dollars? Baby Dollars are fake money that can be redeemed for real goods. Here is how it works. BIH participants receive Baby Dollars when they enroll in the program. Additional Baby Dollars are earned through attending Prenatal and Postpartum groups and by participating in the program’s monthly “Ask a pediatrician” Zoom Meeting. Once Baby Dollars are received, participants can order items of their choice through the program from Amazon, Target, or Walmart and pay with their Baby Dollars. It is that simple! 

 Some of the most popular items purchased by participants include: 

  • Diapers 
  • Wipes 
  • Educational books/toys 
  • Baby and adult skin and hair care products 
  • Baby bouncers/walkers 
  • Infant and toddler clothing 
  • Car seats 

For more information on Baby Dollars, contact your Family Health Advocate (FHA).