President and CEO Statement on AAPI Hate


For over 100 years, the Neighborhood House Association has been a champion of equality and equity. Since our beginnings in the settlement house movement, we have been a haven and resource for those in need. Because we have historically served as a voice and advocate for the underserved, minority populations in this region—work that we continue to this day— it is critically important that we speak out against the racial injustice, discrimination, and hate crimes being experienced by the Asian-American/ Pacific Islander community.

We have made many strides in the fight to achieve racial equity, but tragedies like Atlanta-area spa massacres are sobering reminders that there is so much work left to do. AAPI hate and coronavirus related racism are on the rise all over the world. We stand in support of those that continue to raise awareness of this violence, and those who advocate for the safety and protection of the AAPI community. Hate crimes and anti-AAPI sentiments must be eradicated.

We see the pain being experienced by the AAPI community right now, and our hearts go out to the families of those whose lives were lost, as well as the many others who are currently living fear. We support those working to achieve justice for the eight lives lost in this recent attack, and the countless others whose lives were taken because of racially motivated hate crimes. It is important that we continue to call out racism, xenophobia, and gun violence each time we see it. It is even more important that we work to dismantle systems that are harmful, oppressive, and deadly.

At NHA, our vision is “healthy and educated communities—where dreams become reality.” It is important to us that people from all communities have the opportunity to pursue healthy, safe, fulfilling lives—to have their dreams become reality. We condemn the harmful thoughts, attitudes, and speech that fueled this horrific attack. We honor the lives of those lost in the Atlanta-area spa massacres, and we remain committed to working to achieve racial equity for all.


Rudolph A. Johnson, III

President and CEO 

Neighborhood House Association