Over the years of being a participant here at ADHC, I have had many issues with my health, one of them being arthritis. When I first came to the center, I had a very difficult time walking due to pain in my knees. I was hardly able to support my own body weight. Thankfully, with plenty of hard work and guidance, the exercises for physical therapy improved my strength and stability in my legs. Another way physical therapy helped me is by practicing balance. This is especially beneficial because I have fallen several times in my home, but with the exercise program, I am becoming stronger and more stable in my legs, something I could not do when I first started at the center. What I appreciate about the staff here at ADHC is that they help encourage myself and the other participants to stay active by participating in various activities. I particularly enjoy arts and crafts such as crochet, embroidery, coloring, and painting. It is a nice way of getting to make stuff with my hands and to keep my mind active. Above all, ADHC is a fun place where I can relax and have a good time. I am thankful for their guidance and encouragement in helping me with a quality of life.

–Juana, an ADHC Participant

Photo Credit: istockphoto