Naval Officers Raise Flag at Brooklyn Child Development Center

Active military personnel from the U.S. Navy conducted a Flag Raising Ceremony at the Brooklyn Child Development Center (Brooklyn CDC) on Jan. 23. The ceremony aimed to supplement classroom lesson plans for Head Start students in the instruction and tradition of the American flag.

The children watched in awe and admiration as Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class, Justin New raised the flag and Petty Officer 3rd Class, Christa J. Foster respectfully saluted the nation’s colors according to U.S. military standards. Following the ceremony, Head Start Parent Site Council Chair Denzel Davis gathered the children in their respective classrooms to ask about the ceremony’s patriotic value.

Petty Officer Foster gained student interest when she began explaining the reason for the flag’s stripes and stars. A student in class was surprised and stated, “Wow California has its own star!” The children were then treated to a fun and informal in-class marching lesson.

NHA is proud to support the efforts of the military and Brooklyn CDC in their outreach to support Head Start. Click here to learn more about the NHA Head Start program.