Deck the Halls With Holiday Goodies 

It’s not always about the main course – sometimes, the accompanying sides can also be the real showstopper at your holiday gathering. To help your dish shine at the table this month, here are some delicious and creative dessert and appetizer ideas that are sure to be crowd pleasers.  



For a simple and fun appetizer combining crescent rolls, hot dogs, and poppy seeds, you’ll love this heartwarming recipe. Add in the rosemary sprigs for decorations, and it’s so beautiful on the table that it doubles up as an edible centerpiece.  



Another appetizer that’s great to prepare and is sure to turn heads is this cheesy, pull-apart Christmas Tree. Sprinkled with herbs and oozing deliciousness with marinara sauce, it’s also an easy last-minute party appetizer you can make in under an hour.  



This sweet treat combining marshmallows, chocolate, pretzels, and decorative candies, is easy to make and a wonderful festive addition for parties or holiday gifts. Not only are they adorable, but these reindeer pops make a great activity for little ones to help you prepare desserts during the holidays.  



Ditch the brownies for this delicious blondie recipe that is sure to be a hit dessert this holiday season. The richness of the brown butter combined with 100% pure maple syrup packs a flavorful burst of warmth and goodness you don’t want to miss out on.