Creating a Blissful Pregnancy with Vanessa “Vliss” Edwards 

Vanessa (aka “Vliss”) Edwards is an entrepreneur who creates motivational content and digital products that are focused on mental well-being and entertainment.  Navigating motherhood, a new marriage, a move across the county, and a pregnancy during a pandemic would leave most people frazzled. Still, Vliss was able to transform the chaos of such challenges into a new vision for her life and career.  Now, she is passionate about sharing these tools with other pregnant women in the Black Infant Health Program so that they can access the joy that is theirs. Her nickname “Vliss,” a mashup of “bliss” and her own name, is well-suited because she is all about spreading the joy. In this month’s Mommy’s Corner, Vliss shares her most powerful tips for a pleasurable pregnancy: 



  • Let Your Emotions Guide You (Feeling good is GOOD physically, mentally, and spiritually for you and your baby) 
  • Negative emotions are just showing you more of what you don’t want surrounding a situation (Take that into consideration when making decisions and go for what leads you closer to your happiness.) 
  • Always make sure you and baby are the most comfortable at all times (You two are the stars of this journey!) 
  • Don’t let past experiences get in the way of taking in the powerful uniqueness of this pregnancy and baby (Celebrate your milestones!) 

Stay Healthy. Stay Beautiful. Stay Authentic. Stay Vlissful!