A Push To Get More Students To Do Their Homework

April 6, 2011

SAN DIEGO — An effort to get more Latino and black students to do their homework is under way in San Diego.

The Homework Center, located in San Diego’s Mountain View community, is getting ready to open.

Students from five nearby schools south east of downtown San Diego will be able to go there after school and finish their assignments.

Luis Gonzales is with the Neighborhood House Association, the social services agency operating the center.

He said many high school dropouts say they stopped going to school because they never finished their assignments.

Gonzales says that’s because many inner-city students don’t have a computer or Internet access at home.

Others have parents who never finished high school or who don’t speak English.

“In the Hispanic and African American communities, there is a large percentage of students who dropout,” Gonzales said. “The idea is to have a resource center where students can come, learn and stay motivated.”

The center will provide both technology and tutoring.

Organizers hope to attract youngsters by offering free snacks and transportation.

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