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Share Your Story | Neighborhood House Association Blog

Throughout our 100 years of service, millions of people have been changed by Neighborhood House Association (NHA). Share your story! Tell us how NHA has made a difference in your or a loved-one’s life. Testimonials and photo will be featured on NHA’s 100 Year Celebration page and both may also be used in our social media and other outreach material.

NHA invites YOU to participate!

  • Whether you or a loved one are a client, have been a client, done business with NHA, volunteered or worked at NHA…everyone is invited to participate and share your story! We can’t wait to hear from you…share now!

Here is how it works…

  • Fill out the below information, please keep your story to 100 words or less
  • Spread the word! We would love to hear from others!


By submitting your story and photo, you agree to have your story used in educational, charitable and/or public relations purposes.