Open Enrollment for Child Development Services

NHA provides child development services to families with newborns or children up to five years of age at a low or no cost. Head Start is a child development program that offers comprehensive social services in education, health, nutrition, disabilities, mental health services and other parent involvement opportunities. The program is available for a full day, part day or evening care for working parents or parents in school.

Families who have low income, children with disabilities or are foster children are eligible for the program.

Services offered include:

  • Free or low cost part day or full day childcare
  • Free dental care for children
  • Health insurance referral for children
  • Employment assistance for parents
  • Housing counseling
  • Nutrition referrals
  • Free meals and snacks
  • Free field trips

For more information, please visit Head Start on our website. To locate a Head Start center near you, call 1-888-873-5145.