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Statement Regarding 20th Anniversary of 9/11

September 11, 2001 is a day that will be remembered in this nation forever. The catastrophic acts of terrorism committed on that day took the lives of thousands and proved to be the deadliest attack that has ever taken place on US soil. 

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we remember the the lives lost on that dreadful day. We honor the bravery and heroism of the first responders who sacrificed their lives to save and rescue others. And we stand with the survivors who will forever live with the memories of this fateful day. We will never forget.

Statement Regarding Homeland Security Investigation into a Third Party Vendor: Substitute

The Neighborhood House Association (NHA) was recently made aware of an investigation by Homeland Security involving an individual that worked as a substitute in our Child Development program. The individual was an employee of a staffing company that NHA uses to fill short term vacancies and worked at four of our sites. We intend to fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation. NHA’s commitment to the health and safety of our clients remains our top priority.  Any follow up questions should be directed to Homeland Security Investigations at 760-901-1004.

Statement from the President and CEO

A Statement on AAPI Hate

For over 100 years, the Neighborhood House Association has been a champion of equality and equity. Since our beginnings in the settlement house movement, we have been a haven and resource for those in need. Because we have historically served as a voice and advocate for the underserved, minority populations in this region—work that we continue to this day— it is critically important that we speak out against the racial injustice, discrimination, and hate crimes being experienced by the Asian-American/ Pacific Islander community.

A Statement on Racial Injustice and the Death of George Floyd

For over 100 years, the Neighborhood House Association has provided life-changing, transformative services to the communities in San Diego that have needed it the most. Throughout history, we have been a voice for the voiceless, and advocated for equity and access to essential resources for underrepresented populations in this city. In 2020, as we continue to face the reality of racial injustice and police brutality, we remain ready to speak out against these injustices and do our part to eradicate the systemic racism that has brought us to this sobering moment in our nation’s history.

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