Marketplace: NHA Partners with Talaris Institute


Program Overview

Talaris’ Parenting Counts Program offers a new, comprehensive online training focused on the social and emotional development of children from birth to age five. The Parenting Counts Professional Training prepares early learning professionals with the information and tools to teach parents the skills needed to successfully raise socially and emotionally healthy children. This training is composed of 25 modules that focus on four pillars of development. These pillars represent approximately 20 hours of training.   
Training Program Features

  • Comprehensive – As shown in the training preview, this program focuses on the whole child within the family context.
  • Interactive – The training includes over 40 scenarios, 60 videos, and 75 learning activities illustrating concepts and key messages for all learner types.
  • Research Based – Research citations provide credibility and allow further exploration into specific topics of interest.
  • Easy to use – Teaching tools help you create lesson plans and activities and capture new ideas from the training.
  • Practical – Resources are designed to make teaching easier in a variety of parenting audiences, saving time and preparation.
  • Accessible – The training provides you the ability to learn online at your own pace.


Early learning Professionals will learn to:

    • Understand the relevance of the four pillars of early learning
    • Describe the relationship that each of the four pillars has with one another
    • Understand the core concepts and scientific research behind each pillar and the Program
    • Explain the importance of development and later child outcomes
    • Describe what it means for a child to be socially and emotionally healthy
    • Teach parents the importance of the core concepts and provide them tools to increase their knowledge, confidence, and positive parenting behavior
    • Teach the Parenting Counts curriculum to the families and communities you serve
    • Advocate for social-emotional learning for children birth to five
    • Understand how to use the Parenting Counts Program resources and tools