CBCI 21st Century Council 2014 Annual Meeting

The Neighborhood House Association is proud to highlight its effort in in the CBCI 21st Century Council 2014 Annual Meeting in North Carolina March 20-21.

The Neighborhood House Association (NHA) successfully participated in the CBCI 21st Century Council 2014 Annual Meeting March 20-21. We are proud to highlight our efforts and we commend the efforts of the CBCI 21st Century Council for making a difference across the country. Our President and CEO Rudolph A. Johnson, III spoke on CBCI Healthy Families Panel, discussing the importance of health services at all levels of learning and innovative approaches to improving the quality of life for families. NHA is proud to raise the national profile of the agency by participating in such prominent national meeting. We look forward to a great partnership with CBCI (Congressional Black Caucus Institute).

The 21st Century Council is a program of the CBCI, which executive committee includes business executives, educators, labor representatives, policy advocates and community leaders. The 21st Century Council publishes an Annual Report of recommendations distributed to the President of the United States, his Administration, and the U.S. Congress.  These recommendations discuss a broad range of issues that affect the nation:

•Communications & Technology
•Environment & Conservation
•Financial Services
•Transportation & Infrastructure

To learn more about CBCI and the 21st Century Council Annual Meeting, please visit: http://cbcinstitute.org/21st-century-council-2014-annual-meeting-0.