Michael Kemp

Executive Vice President and COO

Since 2006, Michael has served as Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer for the Neighborhood House Association, San Diego County’s largest social service agency. In this capacity, Michael directs the day-to-day operations of the agency’s Human Resources, Labor Relations, Facilities, Transportation and Property Management, Procurement and Safety and Licensing Compliance. Michael also serves as the President’s senior advisor on intergovernmental relations and public policy development.

Michael has over 35 years of proven executive and managerial experience directing non-profit and local government agencies in the San Diego County region. His executive level experience includes directing agency operations, strategic planning, intergovernmental relations and policy development; finance, human resources, governing board and intergovernmental relations. Throughout his long career, he has continued to demonstrate the ability to transform organizations, assemble high performing management teams, leverage partnerships and collaborations and identify and attract development resources.

Michael is married to wife, Beatrice W. Kemp, Owner of B. Kemp Interiors. They have three children, Anthony (Probation Officer), Erika (clothing designer) and Allison (web designer) and several grandchildren. Michael is a member of New Creation Church of San Diego, California.

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